Are you looking for a musical play for your school? You’ve come to the right place! Award winning Canadian songwriter, Nancy Beaudette, and writer and playwright, Paula Castner, have combined their talents to produce a whimsical play about teenage angst and the role of choices. Ebullient, thoughtful songs and embellished, realistic characters make for an entertaining amalgamation to capture the hearts of both the young and the more mature.

Four high school students – Josh, Marissa, Brian, and Kelly – wrestle with dating, making friends, desires versus limitations, and self-esteem.  All the while, the Fairy Godmother has brought the Evil Queen to watch the teenage dramas unfold as part of the Evil Queen’s rehabilitation for putting Snow White to sleep.  Josh, Marissa, Brian, and Kelly wish their lives could match the fairy tales they grew up listening to, and the Evil Queen blames Snow White for all her problems.  How all five come to learn lessons about living will regale audiences of all ages.

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