Characters in Order of Appearance

CHARACTER (lines)            DESCRIPTION

JOSH (16)                                teenage boy who is very shy

TODD (17)                               Josh’s best friend

THERESA (2)                         teenage girl whom Josh has a crush on

BARB (2)                                 Theresa’s friend

MARISSA (13)                        teenage girl who loves to dance but is poor

ABBY (4)                                 Marissa’s younger sister

BRIAN* (14)                           teenage boy who wants friends

KRISTEN (6)                          Brian’s older sister

CHAD* (3)                              teenage boy Kristen introduces to Brian

KELLY (13)                             teenage girl who has low self-esteem

ALEXIS (9)                             Kelly’s friend

FAIRY GODMOTHER (25) Fairy Godmother in charge of rehabilitation

EVIL QUEEN (27)                 Evil Queen in need of rehabilitation

DAD* (6)                                 parent, reading a story

SON* (6)                                 child, listening to story

WINSTON* (4)                      high school science teacher

RALPH* (4)                            teenage boy who’s a bit of a bully

BETHANY (3)                        teenage girl who likes JOSH

MRS. HARPER (3)                high school psychology teacher

JULIE (6)                                Marissa’s friend

SARAH (5)                              teenage girl who’s on the debate team

NANCY (1)                              teenage girl who’s a bit of a snob

HEATHER (6)                       teenage girl who’s in the school drama club

MOM (6)                                 parent, reading a story

DAUGHTER (7)                    child, listening to story

CASHIER (1)                          lunch lady who takes lunch money

FRANK* (7)                            teenage boy who’s on the golf team

TAMARA (4)                          teenage girl who’s on the golf team

STUDENTS 1-8** (3-8)       high school students watching a play


* Characters may be changed to female parts, if necessary.

** Roles may be combined with other named roles.